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22 safety precautions that carton factories need to know

Matters needing attention before carton production:

1. Operators must wear work clothes with waist, sleeves and safety shoes at work, because loose clothes such as coats are easy to get involved in the exposed shaft of the machine and cause accidental injuries.

2. All machines must be checked for oil leakage and electricity leakage before starting up to eliminate potential safety hazards.

3. It is forbidden to place any objects on the top of the machine to prevent damage to the machine and personal injury caused by falling into the machine.

4. Tools such as machine adjustment wrench must be stored in the tool box after use to prevent them from falling into the machine and damaging the machine.

5. It is forbidden to place drinks, water, oil and other liquids on the electric cabinet and any live equipment to prevent electrical short circuit and potential safety hazards caused by leakage.

Matters needing attention in carton production:

6. When the printing machine is installed or debugged and the printing plate is cleaned, the main engine must not be started, and the printing roller should be operated slowly by using the pedal phase switch.

7. All the rotating parts of the machine and the belt are strictly prohibited to touch during operation to prevent injury to the body, and must be stopped before processing.

8. Before closing the printing machine, you must check that there is no one in the machine before closing the machine.

9. When abnormal conditions occur during operation, pull the safety rope or emergency stop switch in each unit in time to avoid danger.

10. The exposed transmission gears of the machine need to be treated to avoid safety accidents.

11. When installing the slotting knife and die-cutting knife die, care should be taken not to touch the edge of the knife with your hands to avoid being cut by the knife.

12. When the equipment is running, the operator should keep a certain distance from the machine to prevent being brought in by the machine and causing injury.

13. When the paper stacker is running, no one is allowed to enter, so as to prevent the paper stacker from falling suddenly and hurting people.

14. When the printing machine is wiping the printing plate, the hand must keep a certain distance from the anilox roller to prevent it from being brought in and causing injury.

15. When the paper feed is tilted during the production process, stop the machine and do not grab the paper by hand to prevent the hand from being pulled into the machine.

16. Be careful not to put your hands under the nail head when manually nailing, so as not to hurt your fingers.

17. When the baler is running, the head and hands cannot be inserted into the baler to prevent people from being injured by the rotation. Abnormal situations must be dealt with after the power is turned off.

18. When the manual die-cutting machine is adjusted, the power of the machine must be turned off to prevent casualties caused by the closing of the machine.

Matters needing attention after carton production:

19. After production, the stacking of products must be neat without skewing or falling down.

20. It is forbidden to stack products at a height of 2m to prevent injuries caused by falling.

21. After the production is completed, the site should be cleaned up in time to prevent people from being tripped and injured by ground packing belts and other items.

22. When using the elevator, it must be lowered to the bottom, and the elevator door must be closed.

Post time: Apr-21-2023