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Post-press technology: Solve the problem of paper moving when laminating

The movement of the color box when laminating will cause problems such as surface sticking, dirt and die-cutting movement, and it is also one of the most difficult problems to control in the paper laminating process.

(1) When the surface paper for laminating color printing is thin and curled, the speed of the machine should not be too fast. When installing face paper and corrugated cardboard, their left and right relative positions must be aligned to avoid inaccurate horizontal lamination due to deviation errors in paper output positioning. If the travel of the upper and lower chains of the machine is not adjusted, there will be deviations in the front and rear positions; The paper stop limit device of the stacking table is not close to the edge of the paper, causing the paper pile to move left and right, and the curled cardboard is not softened and the cardboard is not neatly packed when loading the paper, etc., which will also cause surface paper and corrugated cardboard to be mounted. There is an error in the paste position.

(2) Improper adjustment or maintenance of the paper feeding and positioning mechanism of the machine may also easily cause errors and disadvantages in the lamination of surface paper and corrugated cardboard.

a. The paper feeding chain mechanism is loose, which makes the upper/lower chain work inconsistent or unstable;

b. The front gauge on the upper/lower chain is loose, causing impact on the edge of the paper when feeding the paper;

c. The contact position of the pressboard strips against the face paper is not suitable or the gap is too large, which does not play a role in slowing down the inertial momentum of the high-speed movement of the cardboard;

d. The upper/lower rolling rollers have not been cleaned frequently and a certain amount of glue has accumulated, which hinders the synchronous rolling and conveying of facial paper or corrugated cardboard.

(3) Cardboard lamination error caused by unsuitable gap between the upper/lower rollers of the machine and poor paper feeding

When the gap between the upper and lower rollers is unsuitable, after the laminated corrugated cardboard passes through the upper and lower rollers, there will be a displacement between the surface paper and the corrugated paper.

If the surface paper is not conveyed normally and there are empty sheets or skewed phenomena, it is easy to cause blisters, degumming (caused by different lengths of interlocking between cardboards on the conveyor belt and uneven pressing paper) and inaccurate lamination quality failures.

Post time: Apr-07-2023