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color injet web press

Short Description:

After wide market application and continuous improvementof high-speed color inkjet web presses,P5200C and P4400C/5600C, FounderEagleJet™ developed high-definition color inkjet web press—P4400CHD/P5600CHD/P6600CHDin 2022. With the benefits including high quality comparable to traditional offset printing, lower ink cost, efficient and stable production release, and extended service life, the new-generation HD color presswill become the key factor for customers in the market competition byits excellent printing quality and lowest comprehensive cost.

  • color inkjet web press: High Quality CompletelyComparable to Offset Printing
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    01 High-precision Inkjet Head

    With the help of industrial piezoelectricity of 1200DPI and more sophisticated technology for controlling the combination of multi-level ink droplets, the printed image is presented more delicately, withsmoother color blocks and richer levels.

    02 Splicing Technology

    High-precision alloy materials as well as advanced processing and assembling technologies are adopted to ensure the splicing accuracy of the inkjet heads

    03 New design ofthe mechanical platform

    Perfect spray shape and precision of ink droplets are realized by controlling inkjet head height accurately.

    The structure of the roll group and assembly process have been optimized precisely, which ensures the roll-to-roll stability of paper running in the state of high speed up to 150m/min.

    The encoder combined with blue-ray technology supports the exact match between the spray fromthe inkjet head and the paper moving, whichimproves effectivelythe overprint accuracy and distribution of large-area color blocks.

    Brand-New Closed-Loop Tension Control System

    Real-time tension compensation and digital control are realized during running, which fully guarantees the stability of moving paper and thus greatly enhances the stability of high-speed printing.




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