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Tissue box Window Patching Machine

Short Description:

XLTC-1020/1200Window Patching Machine is widely used in the film patching to be package with or without the window of the phone box, wine box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, milk case, card etc. It can be used for the function of the paper gluing, film patching, film cutting of card 200-500g/㎡and flute within 3mm thick.

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Tissue box window patching machine 1020/1200 
The machine could equipped with napkin box structure.

Model XLTC-1020 XLTC-1200
Max. Paper Size 1080×630mm 1200×720mm
Min. Paper Size 140×140mm 140×140mm
Max. Film Size 410×300mm 410×300mm
Min. Film Size 80×60mm 80×60mm
Film Thickness 0.05-0.20mm 0.05-0.20mm
Max. working speed 8000s/h 6000s/h
Carboard 200-500g/㎡ 200-500g/㎡
Corrugated Paper ≤7mm ≤7mm
Total Power 9Kw 10Kw
Total Weight 3000kg 3500kg
Overall Dimensions 5000×1960×1750mm 6200×2000×1750mm
(When the roller pull out the dimensions) 5000×3160×1750mm 6200×3260×1750mm
Tissue box Window Patching Machine1
Tissue box Window Patching Machine2

Features of the machine

1. Window patching machines are widely used in the packaging of paper products for windows without windows, such as mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin boxes, clothes boxes, cake boxes, cards, etc. It can also be used to paste paper onto part of the surface.
2. The machine adopts PLC, man-machine interface, photoelectric tracking and central control to realize automatic paper feeding, conveying, window glue or part of flat glue, part of sticker, cutting film gap, film, paper automatic function before folding box (especially preparation in advance) Good film cutting and creasing, wrinkles can be avoided when packing the box).
3. The paper feeding part adopts servo system, realizing precise inch-move, fast-speed paper feeding ,stable working state and excellent precision in operation.
4. The integrated suction belt feeder has high precision. The alignment of the window and film is accurate, almost error-free, adjustable, the whole machine is convenient and easy to operate.
5. Using a specially designed structure glue,glue evenly, glue size adjustable save glue, cleaning can be pulled out for easy operation, convenient maintenance.
6. The human-machine interface adopts the Delta series, which can be translated into multiple  The transmission belt and chain adopt well-known domestic and foreign brands. Stable and durable, providing high-quality guarantee in quality.
7. All bearings are made of Japanese NSK and well-known domestic brands.
The materials in contact with paper are all non-toxic products, which meet the hygiene and safety standards.
8. The rubber roller motor is a joint venture product, and the inverter is controlled separately.


1. Does the packing strong?
Yes, of course! All of our export packing is with strong pallets, all are confirmed to export packing standard.

2. How about after-sales service process?
When your machine has problem, contact your sales and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

3. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, Our parent company has been engaged in manufacturing for more than 20 years. We are manufacturer with 10-year experience and profession.

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