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Feeder Die Cutter

Short Description:

The Automatic die-cutting&creasing machine (manual-automatic type) is a special equipment applying to die-cutting of advanced colored boxes made of paper.

Product Detail

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Model XLMY-1300D XLMY-1500D
Max. Paper Size(mm) 1300*980mm 1500*1100mm
Max. Cutting Size(mm) 1290*970mm 1490*1090mm
Min. Paper Size(mm) 550×500mm 550×500mm
Die-cutting Precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Max. Working Speed Die-cutting 5000s/h Die-cutting 5000s/h
Sheet Thickness (200-2000g) Corrugated≤8mm Corrugated≤8mm
Gripper Adjustable Range 7-14mm 7-14mm
Max Pressure 300T 300T
Max. Feeding Pile Height 1800mm(include paper pallet) 1600mm(include paper pallet)
Max. Delivery Height 1600mm 140mm
Total Weight 19T 20T
Overall Dimensions(mm) 7750*4150*2780 (include foot plates) 8315*4400*2755(include foot plates)

Main Feathers

1. The Bobst type cut structure makes the cutting platform movement like a scissor, it will realize a full and easier cut.
2. The machine includes 4 parts: Feeder, paper feed section, main motor and delivery section. And it can finish feeding, die cutting, and collecting work cycle automatically. 
3. The feeder is made inTaiwan, it has excellent flexibility, that realize to make a change in the breadth frequently, last and easily. 
4. The machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system. And the swing rod and copper tile are all reworked by hand. We scrap the surface and make it full of criss-cross scrath. The groove hold more oil that can ensure smooth going of the operation, and the precision of the pattern. 



The installation and adjustment of the template can be carried out outside the die-cutting part. The die-cutting part is equipped with sensors and detectors to ensure that the machine cannot be started when the die-cutting board is in an adjusted state.

In addition to the sensor in the die-cutting part, the window part also has a sensor or proximity switch to keep the entire machine in a monitoring state to ensure its safety.

Easy to operate

A man-machine interface is installed in the control panel, which will display the safety status and faults of the machine for the convenience of the operator. The camera is also installed in front of the operator so that he/she can monitor the operation status in the delivery part.


The die-cutting machine adopts a frequency controller to realize stepless speed regulation, which can reach 5000 times per hour. In actual production, depending on the quality of the board, it can usually run 3,600 to 4,200 times per hour. If the paper is of good quality, a good operator can even operate the machine at the highest speed.

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