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Flatbed Paper Die Cutting Machine

Short Description:

MY800 Automatic die cutting machine can process single sheet and paperboard, suitable for paper box, carton, paper label and other die cutting and cold pressing concave-convex, die cutting method is “flat”, it is the most ideal equipment for packaging and decoration industry.

Product Detail

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Model XLMY-800
Max. Paper Size(mm) 820*650mm
Max. Cutting Size(mm) 810*640mm
Min. Paper Size(mm) 290*260mm
Die-cutting Precision ±0.1mm
Max. Die Cutting Speed 8000s/h
Sheet Thickness Corrugated≤4mm; 0.1mm≤Cardboard≤1.5mm
Max. Feeding Pile Height 1230mm
Max. Delivery Pile Height 1000mm
Total Power 12.75kw
Total Weight 9T
Overall Dimensions(mm) 4080*1900*1930mm (without pedal)

Main features

Electrical system increases double interface.(delivery part increases interface, and have counting function).
Grippers chain track has been further improved, it is more suitable for high speed operation, reducing shaking.
Adopt Taiwan professional 230° intermittent, it provides reliable guarantee for improving accuracy.
It improves strength of gripper bar and reduces noise, movable gripper and fixed gripper has been improved, it is suitable for gripper edge or no gripper edge.
It improved the strength of side lay, the service life of damageable part is fully guaranteed.
Increase plate frame pneumatic locking device, convenient and fast, increase electric pressure regulating device, it is more accurate, fast and convenient.
Redesign frame, adopt rack device, locking plate with limited device, make it more convenient.
Front lay adopts stepper motor, photoelectric. Side location uses operating surface as fixed side location, adapt to the usual operating surface, driving surface is moving side location, adopt guide pillar, it is good to side precision.

Flat-Bed Die Cutting Machine1

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